Lengthen, Strengthen, Tone

Pilates is a series of extremely precise and controlled movements that engage the mind, body and spirit. Pilates can be used to enhance performance, as rehabilitation, or to achieve general fitness goals. Framework is fully outfitted with Gratz/Basil Apparatuses, the original manufacturers of authentic Pilates equipment. Programs are carefully tapered to each individual and their needs. Click button below to view classes and times or use booking calendar below for Private and Semi-Private Sessions.

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*If you are new to Pilates, we highly recommend taking 2-3 private sessions before signing up for a class. This ensures proper understanding of the Pilates method, as well as your safety throughout the exercises. Private introduction packages are available for this reason!

Follow link to learn more about our Pilates Method.

Pilates Pricing

Introductory Package Single 5 Sessions 10 Sessions
$18 $38 $160 $260
Semi-Private Sessions
Single 5 Sessions 10 Sessions
$45 $200 $350

*Semi-private sessions will only be secured and valid if booked with a minimum of one other person.

Private Sessions
Single 5 Sessions 10 Sessions Introductory Package
$70 $325 $600 $175

*The introductory package is 3 sessions and for first time clients only.

Semi-Private Sessions

Private Sessions